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Queen of Swords & Silence

Published Date: May 2, 2019

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Ghost doesn’t take responsibility for her actions often, but when she does, it’s because she doesn’t want the world to end.

Ghost has always dreamed of being like her valkyrie sisters—a beautiful warrior who soars through the skies and inspires bravery in men. But Ghost was born… damaged. Instead, she works in the cold wasteland of Niflheim to serve the Master of the Well of Knowledge.

Upon being hired to assassinate a wayward magi, Ghost discovers that mythics are disappearing without a trace. While it’s not her usual M.O., Ghost must find them before the fairy queens unleash their wrath and decimate the world.

It will take a stiff drink plus the wit and sass of her possessed sword, Silence, to fix things before they get worse.

Cause it can’t get worse, right?


Queen of Swords and Silence is the first book in Carrow Brown’s paranormal urban fantasy series, The Ghost Walker Chronicles. Fans of IIona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, and Kim Harrison will find a new character to love in Ghost: a heroine who kicks ass and loves a bad dad joke!


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