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Carrow Brown

Carrow Brown

Carrow Brown grew up in a military family and traveled the world absorbing everything she could (including whatever bad words she could find!) Carrow’s passion has always been to write stories to share with others that both entertain and provoke thought. Carrow resides in sunny Arizona with her husband and German shepherds. In the little free time she has between writing The Ghost Walker Chronicles and her clinical psychology graduate work, Carrow can often be found sketching her characters into life and hiking in the wilderness with her husband and dogs.

She is easily bribed with tacos and the answer is always “yes” if you offer to show her pictures of your dogs.

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Staff Meeting

Ghost, Norse outcast, could go the rest of her eternal life without another staff meeting. 

But a job is a job, and she needs the money which means listening to monotone presentations in an uncomfortable chair for hours. The plan is to go in, keep her head down, and bail out as fast as possible. But the fae of the Winter Court have other plans and will take the help of her sassy sword Silence to fend them off and make it out of the never-ending meeting.

This short story is intended as a teaser for the upcoming debut series, The Ghost Walker Chronicles.

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Toasted Marshmallow

Coming May 2019

Ghost might not be the ideal Enforcer to call when your child is missing, but she’s the only one cheap and willing enough to go to the ass-end of Canada.

In a small town in Canada, people and animals are going missing at an alarming rate. As a mythological Enforcer, Ghost is often called upon to solve these types of problems before the Humans notice. But when she is hired by a Coyote-shifter whose pup has gone missing she is in a race against time to stop whatever monster is lurking in the woods.

TOASTED MARSHMALLOWS  is the second story in an anthology following Ghost & Silence through their many adventures, hijinks, and fixing problems they didn’t make. If you like a strong female hero with wit, a snarky magical sword, and a rich magical world, this series will entertain and hook you.





Queen of Swords & Silence

Coming Aug 2019

Ghost doesn’t take responsibility for her actions often, but when she does, it’s because she doesn’t want the world to end.

Ghost has always dreamed of being like her valkyrie sisters—a beautiful warrior who soars through the skies and inspires bravery in men. But Ghost was born… damaged. Instead, she works in the cold wasteland of Niflheim to serve the Master of the Well of Knowledge.

Upon being hired to assassinate a wayward magi, Ghost discovers that mythics are disappearing without a trace. While it’s not her usual M.O., Ghost must find them before the fairy queens unleash their wrath and decimate the world.

It will take a stiff drink plus the wit and sass of her possessed sword, Silence, to fix things before they get worse.

Cause it can’t get worse, right?